Work with us

Work with us

Are you fit, independent, and spontaneous?

Then you should consider being a pedicab rider!

You’ll meet a lot of people, will have tons of fun, and will make good money on the journey!

Driving a pedicab is great for those comfortable working with the public and are capable of effectively communicating with passengers. You’ll set your own schedule and work whatever hours best fit your needs.

Most riders work in shifts of 5-8 hours. How much you earn will depend on the number of customers you get. More experienced drivers will give you advice on where and how to pick up passengers, however our company will provide training and will answer all your questions to support your future success.

Good pedicab riders should have good technical skills, be able to manoeuvre a tricycle in a busy downtown setting, and should be able to effectively communicate with passengers. We will train new drivers until they are completely comfortable working on their own. This is a great job opportunity for college students and all others looking to work in a fun environment.

There is a weekly rental fee for the use of the pedicab, we have different prices depending the type and configuration of the trike. There is also security deposit of £100 which will be accredited back to you at the end of the contract. (as long as you give us back the pedicab in the same condition as you receive it)

We will provide you with:

  • A high quality and stylish pedicab
  • Audio system (MP3 capable)
  • Full LED light system
  • Pedicab rain cover
  • Pubs, night clubs and bars directory plus additional information
  • Specialized technical service (Monday-Saturday)
  • Spare parts included at no extra cost
  • Clear and formal contract terms
  • Support and assistance in case of emergency 24 hours 7 days a week

To become one of our riders you must.

  • Always respect your customers, traffic laws and authorities
  • Obey the code of conduct
  • Be passionate about your job
  • Provide an excellent service to your customers
  • Communicate clearly and effectively
  • Be honest
  • Have a sound knowledge of Central London
  • Be self motivated and have a positive attitude