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Our flagship Pedicab “Fenix” is a combination of eye-catching design, comfort, high quality and reliability.

Weighting 85 Kgs you can accommodate up tp three passengers comfortably with seat belts, two underneath compartments will provide enough space for your bags or equipment.

Fenix Pedicab has a strong TIG welded 4130 Steel alloy frame with immaculate colours and massive heavy duty axles that will last for years to come. A rear axle differential has also been incorporated into the pedicab

Braking is provided by a hydraulic Tektro Augura rear twin discs system, supported by a front hydraulic brake.

Comes with a complete 12v lighting system (turning, running, braking and horn)

A 12v 14ah Battery and its charger is included with your Fenix pedicab

Fenix pedicab design make advertising a great business opportunity. the rear part uses a standard sized poster A0. The standard size posters give a very low production costs making profitable even very short term campaigns.

Length 2.75m
Width: 1.20m
Height: 1.80m
Passenger seat width: 1.16m
Vehicle weight: 85 Kgs approx
Frame: Reinforced steel Tig welded 4130 Powder coated
Fork: Heavy Duty triple clamp 
Wheels: 26 X 2.40, 36 stainless steel spokes Gauge 10
Rims: Alluminium Alloy Downhill
Transmission: NuVinci N380 CVP technology with rear differential and 2 axles
Front Brake: Tektro Hydraulic brake, 160mm disc
Rear Brake: Tektro Augura Twin hydraulic discs. 203mm
Lights: 12v LED based system (night light, indicators, brake light
and cabin lights) 12v 14 ah Battery and charger included

  • Tyre protection - £10
  • Rain cover (full set) - £50

How many people can I carry in my pedicab?

You can accommodate 2 adults and 1 children comfortably

What is the maximum weight I can carry in my pedicab including the rider?

270 Kgs

Do I need a licence to use my pedicab?

If  you will use this pedicab for business purposes you will most likely need a licence we strongly advice to ask your local council or authority. For personal use you don’t need one.

How is classified this vehicle?

Is classified as a tricycle

Where can I find more information about the law and this vehicle?


Do I need insurance?

If it is for personal purposes is strongly recommended but not mandatory.

If it is for business purposes you will definitively need insurance.

Do you provide insurance?

We don't, but we can point you out to pedicab insurance providers in the UK

Do I need a helmet?

It is strongly recommended but not mandatory

Do I need to register this vehicle with DVLA?


How much is the shipping cost to the UK?

Normally the shipping cost per piece is around £150-£200 and takes 1-2 days max to arrive

How much is the shipping cost to the EU?

Normally the shipping cost per piece is around £200-£400 and takes 2-4 days max to arrive

Can you ship abroad of the UK such as USA, Canada, Australia etc?

Yes but we would have to provide a quote depending your destination

I am in the UK do I have to pay VAT?

Yes, it is 20% on top of your price, although you can claim it back if you are VAT registered

I am in the EU do I have to pay VAT?

It depends, yes if you are not VAT registered, No if you can provide your VAT registration number

Our pedicabs are a great way to start-up a business with their low capital and operating costs,

We can assist in the development of your pedicab business including:

- Location assessment

- Services you can provide

- Marketing an advertising strategy

- Financial Analysis

- Insurances and Fiscal issues

- Website development


Bikes ordered Price per bike VAT & Shipping excluded

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3-5          £3,146.00

6-9          £2,996.00

10+         £2,846.00