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Top 5 reasons to purchase an electric bicycle or trike!

Small description : By Jeremy

A common misconception with electric bikes/trikes is that people believe they are fully automated, however they're actually pedal assisted. So to take off you need to pedal and the E-bicycle/trike will propel you further. There are a few 'Automated' electronic bikes that will you go however this is a grey zone in the UK currently and in future it is highly speculated that the UK will only allow pedal assist electronic bicycles/trikes. So my advice is to steer clear from the automated bicycles/trikes. Electric bikes/trikes are becoming a far more common sight in big cities such as Germany and Beijing and London is following the trend with experts predicting a 20% growth in electric bike and trike sales in 2016!

So without further ado here are my personal top 5 reasons why you should purchase an electric bicycle/trike.

1. Save money The cost of travelling via motoring/public transport is increasing yearly and one way to make your money go further is to purchase an electronic bicycle as they are exempt congestion charge. (if you live in London) They also have free parking and you won't have to pay all the things that a Car or motorcycle would require such as licensing/road tax just to name a few and of course who doesn't love money?

2. Faster travel in crowded urban environments Although a car is definitely faster and can average a higher speed in theory, it usually can't manage to do these in busy cities. However an electric bicycle or trike would fare much better in this environment managing to take full advantage of the benefits of being a cyclist by weaving in and out of the traffic in no time at all.

3. Green and Clean How can an electric bicycle/trike be sustainable? Well if you're truly passionate about the environment and want to combat global warming then you can purchase 'Green Electricity' (electricity that has been generated from natural sources such as solar/wind/wave etc) and even if you don't then you're still helping out and making your carbon footprint lighter by using an E-bicycle/trike.

4. Health/Personal Fitness With so many countries having obesity problems. (UK being Ranked #26 in the world with 29.8% of it's population being obese 2016) Owning and using an E-bicycle/trike can really give you the daily exercise that you need to stay in good shape.

5. Safety Unlikely reason? No both E-bicycles and trikes are actually safer due to the fact that there are laws preventing them from going faster than 15.5mph in the UK thus preventing more accidents. There are also usually built better with a larger sturdier frame and have much better brakes than the traditional bicycle which will prevent dangerous situations. Lastly if you're riding a E-trike then you will be further protected by the large shell that covers you and any passengers.