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What classifies as an E-bike?

Small description : By Jeremy

How you do classify an electric powered bicycle? Do you know the UK laws when it comes to E-bikes?
Do you think the Icarus classifies as an electric bicycle?
The answer may or may not surprise you to know that the Icarus in the UK and many other countries legally classifies as an electric bicycle. Which in turn allows you to have many benefits such as; not needing a license, having to pay parking fines, needing to pay road tax, not having to pay congestion charge and many many more benefits.
To understand why, you need to know what 'EAPC' is and what it stands for. EAPC stands for electrically assisted pedal regulations. So EAPC is a set of requirements made by the British government.
So what does it take be legally classified as a E-bike?
- The vehicle must be equipped with functional pedals, so unfortunately you can't just stick a pair on.
- The vehicle must not weigh more than 40 kilograms.
- The vehicle can not go faster than 15.5 mph, this is a shame as other countries such as the USA have a higher limit.
- The motor of the vehicle is prohibited from being any higher than 250W.
- The vehicle also must display the power output and or the manufacture of the motor.
- The vehicle also must display the maximum speed of the bike and or the voltage.
- Be over the age of 14, now although this isn't relevant to what counts as a legal E-bike it's an important rule part of the EAPC.
Now if you are missing any of the things listed above then legally what your riding does not count as an E-bike and you will need a valid driving license, to be registered, taxed and you will have to wear a crash helmet.
So stay safe out there all fellow cyclists and riders.