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Our company was founded with the purpose of providing an efficient, safe, fun and environmentally friendly transport system for the people and tourists of london.





Who we are

Message from our Director

"… Despite the many difficulties and challenges that we face nowadays; it is inspiring for us to offer a sustainable transport model as a response to the problems of congestion, pollution and different types of contamination of crowded and busy cities like London. Our fleet of clean vehicles in addition to our business scheme has proved to be a viable and serious alternative with a consistent growth potential. We feel proud to introduce our business to the world, to strongly believe in the possibility of change, to know that we can be part of the solution and to positively contribute in our society transformation… " Pedro Felipe Gonzalez

Our Story

Since 2007 our company has provided pedicab rental and outdoor advertising services in London and UK.

From 2011 LondonCity Bike became exclusive retailer of CityTrikes International for the European Market. LondonCitybike sell their products and spare parts, providing support and after sales services to our customer base in the EU.

Our comfortable fleet of pedicabs are all equipped with passenger safety belt, full lighting system, dual hydraulic braking system, and an incomparable nuvinci transmission system.

What our customer says about us

You are our source of inspiration and the reason why we dont save efforts to provide our best service possible!


"...Thanks to the fenix pedicab l've been able to finish my university degree and start my feature carrer as Mechanic engineer..."


"...Our company TripUp France and Londoncity Bike share the same principals of Innovation,care for the environmental and urban green sustainibility..."

Santa Monica, USA

"... Together we will extend the fenix and libza Dream to rest of sotuhern california..."


"...With the support of Londoncitybike I started a succesful alternative transportation and advertising business in scotland..."